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We excel at driving, snack-making and doing laundry in sinks worldwide. Hammocks also figure largely into what we do ...


Photo Credit: TOR IMSLAND


Documentarian / Navigator

Richele loves all aspects of travelresearching, planning, packing, and of course: the going. She is a freelance photographer, writer, digital designer, idea-generator and jewelry-maker and is currently at work on her first book of some kind. In her spare time she travels, writes, shoots and curates Intrepidor which, makes her happy as a clam. Or as the photo shows ... a girl floating in the Sea of Cortez.




Driver / Campfire Technician

He is nordic, bearded, a talented visual, UI & mobile designer, front-end developer AND fluent in all things Westfalia. Whenever time allows, Tor is hard at playmaking improvements to Dave (our van) in the shop or tinkering on him in a parking lot. He loves to drive, camp, hike, hunt ghost towns, read informative plaques, make fires and ride his bike on the roads and trails of the PNW. 




Adventure Mobile / Harbinger of Joy / Home On the Range

(He's the van not the dinosaur, btw.) We blather on about Dave in this section of the site. Anyone who knows us is aware of how much we adore our valiant, blue buddy. At 35 years young, he is still chock full of vim, vigor, strength, honor and enough good vibes to carry us into the 2020's ... and then some.